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German <> English translation services are offered through Chris Angle and Tom Angle.

Chris minored in German during his undergraduate degree at the University of California.  He has worked in Switzerland and later studied Economics in Germany as a part of his MS program.  He is highly fluent in both written and conversational German.  Tom has lived and worked in German speaking Switzerland for 10 years and is fluent in conversational and technical German.


A note on translation:  As native English speakers who speak and read German fluently "German to English" and "English to German" translations are both offered, but this needs some additional clarification.   Obviously if one can read and speak two different languages, it seems logical that translation can be done in both directions.  At some level this is correct.  If, for example,  what is required is to translate a letter from one language to another to convey the meaning in an understandable way, then this is no problem.  But difficulties may arise based on the end use of a translated document.  For example, in our case because we are both native English speakers, English sentence structure and grammar are second nature and come naturally.  Therefore we can take a German document and provide an English translation that can be directly used in a technical article or as an operational or sales document without additional editing.  But in our experience a non-native speaker, no matter how competent in a foreign language, cannot expect to produce a final document in that foreign language that is completely structurally and grammatically absolutely correct and ready for immediate publication without additional review by a native speaker.  This is especially true with a language such as German that has a very complex grammar.  Therefore when we translate something from English to German that needs to be able to be used in a publication or manual, we always have it polished into a final form by a native German speaker.  Because this will always require additional time on our part, we might not be able to meet very short deadlines for urgent requests for English to German translations of this type.

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