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Tom Angle has been a member of the Pumps & Systems editorial board since 2004.  During this time he has authored or co-authored a number of articles relating to pump standards and European issues.  Chris Angle has written a number of articles relating to economic and political issues issues as they might affect the pump industry.  Descriptions and links to a selection of these articles are shown below:


Foreign Exchange & Eurozone Problems Present Challenges for American Pump Manufacturers

European financial issues will have global effects.

Chris Angle & Tom Angle (Hidrostal AG)

January 2015

Eurozone Problems Continue to Weigh on U.S. Pump Exports

Federal Reserve action and emerging market weakness will also impact equipment manufacturers.

Chris Angle

January 2016

European Pump Industry Outlook 2018

EU regulations, economics and politics impact the industry.

Tom Angle

January 2018

Opinion: International Marketplace, European Regulations

Long-term economic unrest from Brexit and Donald Trump’s election has not come to fruition, but some factors could cause concern.

Tom Angle

Chris Angle

Pumps and Systems May 2019

Opinion: Theresa May’s Resignation Leaves Brexit & its Impact Unresolved

U.S. pump manufacturers likely unaffected by Brexit, except that the future trading environment remains unclear.

Chris Angle

June 2019

Opinion: Effects of Brexit, Chinese Tariffs Still Uncertain

Pump companies should maintain strategic flexibility during this time.

Chris Angle

October 2019

Opinion: Time to Examine Longstanding Assumptions of Doing Business in China

Signs point to declining legitimacy of the Communist Party of China, but uncertainty remains on how it will play out.

Chris Angle

October 2019

Opinion: Political Unrest in Several Global Locations Raises Questions for 2020

Pump professionals should monitor events in Mexico and decreasing support for free trade.

Chris Angle

Tom Angle

January 2020

European Expert’s View: Economy Expected to Normalize in 2021

Recently, Pumps & Systems reached out to members of its Editorial Advisory Board to find out how the companies where they work are handling the continuing COVID-19 pandemic five months after it started sweeping across the United States. One member, Tom Angle, CEO of Swiss Flow Solutions GmbH, is based in Switzerland and shared his perspective of how manufacturing is handling the health crisis in that country. Here’s Angle’s point of view.

State of the Industry 2021: Riding out the Storm

Outlook for 2021

Chris Angle & Tom Angle

January 2021


Understand European Pump Standards Organizations & Processes

North American pump manufacturers and specifiers can benefit from knowledge of European standards.

Tom Angle

Frank Ennenbach

Friedrich Klütsch

October 2013

Why Training Is a Must for Pump Professionals

Editorial Advisory Board offers advice to newcomers & seasoned end users.

Pumps & Systems Advisory Board Members, including Tom Angle

October 2018


The State of Drinking Water in the EU

European Union member states attempt to address standardization to ensure safety and access.

Thomas Angle

Julien Chalet

May 2019







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